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Well done; keep it up. Good service from International Checkout! Warm wishes. Thanks for helping me follow up with the exchange and your prompt replies : Couldn't ask for better Customer Service! I already got my parcel safe, intact, and sound. Q: How to turn off a hookah pen? How to turn off a rechargeable hookah vapor pen?

How to turn off a electronic vapor pen? A: A: This only applies to rechargeable hookah pens with a button, click the button several times until the light starts to flash, this indicates that the pen has been turned off. You can verify that it is off by pressing the button, if the light does not go on, the vapor pen has been turned off. Q: How to recharge a hookah stick? How to recharge a hookah pen? If you have a disposable hookah pen, those cannot be recharged or refilled.

Once it is plugged in the charger will have a light that turns red, and the pen should blink as well. Once the Pen has completed it charge the charger will turn green. Q: How to use a rechargeable hookah pen? How to use a hookah pen? How to first setup a hookah pen? A: Your pen either has a button or does not, once the liquid is filled press on the button if necessary and inhale : , watch the above videos for further details.

Q: How to refill a hookah pen? How to put liquid in a hookah pen? How to fill up hookah pen? How to refill a shisha pen? A: This indicates your hookah pen still needs to continue charging until it is completed, once the charge is complete the light will turn green.

Q: How do you know when your hookah pen is fully charged? A: When the charger light is green Q: How old must you be to use, smoke or buy a hookah pen, e-cig or rechargeable hookah pen?