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Inexpensive Easy to set up Small and unnoticeable. What is Google Chromecast? Google Chromecast vs. Google Chromecast setup Setting up a Google Chromecast is a little different than plugging in a set-top box streaming device, but still pretty easy. Open the Google Home app and tap the Devices button. Google Chromecast apps Livestreaming and on-demand TV channels and services Google Chromecast can cast content from hundreds of livestreaming and on-demand TV apps—the only glaring omission is the previously mentioned Amazon Prime Video app. Google Chromecast TV and video apps partial list.

Entertainment apps Google Chromecast also works with a wide variety of entertainment apps. Google Chromecast entertainment apps partial list. Google Chromecast models There are actually two Chromecast models. Model Chromecast 3rd Generation Chromecast Ultra. Best Cable Internet Providers of Top 5 DVRs of Image: Google. Filed under: Google. Linkedin Reddit Pocket Flipboard Email. Gaming Kine turns the drama of aspiring musicians into a puzzle game.

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Art Club Photographer Richard Parry shows the innovation of consumer tech from the inside out. Loading comments By that time, the HUKD thread was deleted. Not just expired but completely gone. I've now had the confirmation it's at my Waitrose for collection. Yeah but like Niz said I want one, haven't got a time machine. Cheapest at the moment. So a deal. Why do we need aux for a smart speaker? Aren't they just a badge now? Just slapped onto argos products. I don't think Bush has been a brand for a very long time.

I was gonna say, I won't post it as a separate deal, but feel free to link it if you like mate! Mrswirch my brudda, I think you should share huawei charger deal if you haven't already with new mate 20 pro owners, they might feel overburdened by money :. Compatible with tablets , smartphones , and PCs ; Chromecast lets you tap into a vast library of streaming apps, making it easy to watch your favourite content wherever a TV is available.

That kind of flexibility makes it a popular option for students, travellers and anyone with limited space in their living rooms.

Amazon Fire TV vs Roku Streaming Stick+ vs Google Chromecast Ultra

There are a number of ways to get started with Chromecast and a number of different Chromecast products to consider. This hotukdeals buyer's guide explains how to get one as cheaply as possible, as well as giving you all the information you need to know before you buy a Google Chromecast device. The very first Google Chromecast dongle arrived as recently as July , when Google announced a breakthrough. Available at first only in the USA, the initial Chromecast player was an instant success, representing a bridge between internet only streaming services and conventional TV.

Now, entertainment fans could stream movies, YouTube and web content onto their TV, massively expanding the range of the shows and products available. After that, an audio only variety appeared, called Chromecast Audio, and then a version suited to 4K HD streaming Chromecast Ultra , which went on sale in late Since , the device has spread across the world, inspiring app developers to take it up and produce streamable content for Chromecast owners to watch.

Right now, over 25, companies offer content via Chromecast apps, making it hard sometimes to sift out the best things to watch. As Internet users and entertainment lovers, we've never had it so good, and Chromecast is one of the best ways to tap into the treasure trove of online products. Chromecast is essentially a media player that connects digital devices to TVs.

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The dongle hooks up to Chromecast apps on the user's phone or computer. When you want to stream onto your TV assuming you are watching Chromecast-enabled content , all you need to do is to click the Chromecast symbol, which is usually at one corner of the streaming window. The video is then beamed onto your TV screen via the Chromecast dongle, a process known as "casting". When the stream starts, it won't use up all of the bandwidth on your phone. Instead, Chromecast has the ability to sync up with the source of the stream, whether it's Sky Sports or Netflix. Chromecast is a versatile media device that spans pretty much every aspect of online entertainment.

It was initially developed to harness the power of video streaming sites like YouTube. Viewers had been limited by the site to relatively cramped video screens. With Chromecast, Google sought to give them the chance to stream YouTube videos onto a screen size that the content deserved. However, the selection now reaches well beyond YouTube.

Movie streaming is a popular use for the technology. The same applies to sport. BT Sport is available free of charge for all BT Broadband customers although not the digital box , so Chromecast is a good way to get it up on the big screen. You can also stream music via Chromecast. Google Music, Spotify and other music streaming apps offer their services as casts, so if you have friends round for a party or just want a high-quality radio player, Chromecast is a handy tool to have around. Then there's games. You won't be able to cast most major first person shooters or complex strategy titles via Chromecast, but the system does support plenty of Android games like Fire Team, Risk or Tricky Titan, so there's plenty of fun to be had.

Chromecast 2 — The classic dongle, shaped like half a set of headphones and designed to hang from the HDMI socket of most televisions. Chromecast 2 lets you stream from any Chromecast compatible app in resolutions up to p. It features support for surround sound, works via standard Wi-Fi, allows screen mirroring from many laptops and can be used with iOS devices as well as Android phones.

Although, Chromecast 2nd Generation has now been officially replaced by Chromecast 3rd Generation, there may now be a few good deals on the Chromecast 2.

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  5. Chromecast 3 — Released in October , Chromecast 3rd Generation is an update on the previous edition of the Chromecast. The newest Google Chromecast is faster and more intuitive, but there are not many significant improvements over the second gen. The latest Google Chromecast is still a good buy for anyone looking for a simple and affordable streaming option, but if you had a Chromecast 2nd Gen. Chromecast Ultra — The next generation Chromecast dongle, Ultra retails at around double the price of the classic version.

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    For some people, that's definitely a price worth paying as Chromecast Ultra caters for 4K HD video feeds and offers "ultra-fast" loading times, as well as Ethernet compatibility. Along with those extra features, it matches Chromecast Classic in terms of surround sound, iOS compatibility and screen mirroring too. Chromecast Audio — Chromecast Audio allows users to stream music and audio from devices to speakers around the house.

    All versions can be upgraded to a multi-location system for a small additional fee.

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    If you are happy to spend a little more, Google will provide you with dongles to use around the house, making sure that every television is Chromecast enabled. Which version is best for you? That depends really. If you are obsessed with high definition, crystal clear video, you should definitely opt for Chromecast Ultra. If that isn't the case, Chromecast 3 is fine for almost any streaming task. It may be an advanced piece of technology, but Chromecast isn't hard to get up and running.

    Here's a quick guide for users of Windows PCs:. Now, you'll need to download and install the latest version of the Google Chrome browser. Now, head to the Chromecast Setup page on Chrome. You'll see a list of available devices. Click on the one that corresponds to your TV and then press "Set me up".

    After you've checked the name of the device and changed it if need be , press the "Looks good" button. If that all goes to plan, you're Chromecast should be configured and you're ready to go.

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    Naturally, sometimes things don't run seamlessly. If you experience any problems, just head to Google's support pages where you'll find walkthroughs for setting up Chromecast across almost every kind of digital device. The Google Chromecast isn't the only streaming device in town. In fact, it might not actually be the best option for you. Here are a couple of competitors that are well worth consideration:. Roku — The Roku Streaming Stick offers access to a similarly massive range of streaming sources for a comparable price.

    Working the stick is simple. It automatically connects to your Wi-Fi network. Navigating is easy too, with clear menus that are controlled via the Roku Remote and can also be controlled with your smartphone. Like the Roku stick, it comes with an internal processor which runs the menus and hooks up to your home's Wi-Fi.

    Unlike the Roku stick, Amazon Fire comes with voice activated controls as well as the sleek Amazon remote, and it connects to a similarly broad range of content providers. The key thing about Amazon Fire and Roku is that they incorporate menus to allow users to browse available content.

    Chromecast: Google's Digital Media Player

    Chromecast doesn't do that. Instead, you need to navigate to separate websites or apps, then choose to cast the content. For some people, this is no big deal. For others maybe those who don't have their computers or tablets on all the time , it could be inconvenient.