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As Dr. Boone, a volunteer veterinarian of the Shelter said, "It's critical these dogs get the full benefit of a healthy diet for both their food and treats. Skip to main content.

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Click here for your nearest independent pet store. Sojos Pet Food Raw made easy. Available at an independent pet store near you:. Raw made easy. Add water, soak and serve nutritious, delicious raw meals in just minutes. Raw made affordable. Raw made safe. Our gentle, proprietary freeze-drying process makes raw meat safe without heat or chemicals. Ringo's story A rescue pup with chronic health issues.

Read Story. Offers their own blends of ground raw meaty bones, organs, vegetables and fruits, plus a few extras such as cod liver oil, yogurt, alfalfa, or apple cider vinegar. They also add calcium, but it's unclear why, since these products contain bone, and the explanation given does not make sense. Note these are not complete diets; see Homemade Diets: Guidelines for feeding incomplete blends for more information on how to use these products as the basis for a complete homemade diet.

Raw for Dogs in Huntington Beach, California May include fish and eggs as well. Wide variety offered, but no information about how much fat is in these foods. General manager is a raw feeder who has worked with others in the Colorado area.

Pet Food Coupon Save $3 on Primal Pet Foods Freeze-dried Formula

Hidden Haven Farms in Jamul, California or They raise rabbits for both human and pet consumption. Offers a variety of beef, buffalo, emu, ostrich, llama and more raw meaty bones and other parts. Copeland Family Farms in Grenada, California Goat and lamb, including necks, liver, heart, trim, etc.

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The K9's Choice in Sacramento, California. Food is ordered once a month; both pick-up and shipping options are offered. Carries Bravo! Offers their own blends of meat, bone, and organs, with or without vegetables. Uses human-grade ingredients. Varieties include beef, lamb, chicken, turkey, duck, and rabbit. Delivered free to Connecticut and most of the Northeast.

Companion Animal Meals in Miami, Florida Mixes include veggies and grains, as well as ground raw meaty bones and organs, delivered to your door. Raw Feeding Miami , servicing the Miama, Florida area K9 RawFeeding in Miami, Florida Offers high-quality meats, including grass-fed, hormone- and antibiotic-free, and organic options, along with a wide range of other "farm to canine" raw products, including green tripe. Will ship to other areas. Good Doggie in Nokomos, Florida Offers mixes plus individual ingredients, including chicken, turkey, lamb, beef, rabbit and lamb all with bone and other unusual meats, plus green tripe , organ meat, and whole raw meaty bones.

Pet's Raw Edge in Miami, Florida. Sells a variety of ground meat and bone products. Note these are NOT complete diets; in particular, the Puppy Mix would not provide complete and balanced nutrition for a puppy. Pete's Meats in Palm City, southeast Florida Offers ground and whole products, including green tripe.

Why I Don't Feed *THIS* Raw Food to My Dogsā€¼

Also offers a complete food with added supplements called Eureka. Discount for law enforcement and service dogs including retired. Delivery available, or you can pick up in Stuart south FL. Ground meat, bone and organ mixes. Also offers green tripe.

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Will deliver in refrigerated trucks. Corrina's Corner in Decatur, Georgia Processes and delivers raw dog food in the Atlanta metro area. Licensed by the Georgia Department of Agriculture. All ingredients are locally sourced, raised in the USA, processed and packaged in their onsite kitchen. Note that Formulas are not complete diets; see Guidelines for Feeding Incomplete Blends for more info.

Will ship to many states.

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Uses locally sourced, human-grade meats, and the company manufacturers its own food. Dealers in other states as well. Offers complete diets as well as various parts, including green tripe.

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East Coast distributor for greentripe. They also offer some of the other raw products such as gullets, trachea and cow hooves as well as the K9-Magic treat roll. All GreenTripe. Local delivery to northern Atlanta area counties and Cherokee County. Offers a number of raw, freeze-dried and dehydrated products, including Bravo, Nature's Variety and Primal.

These are not complete diets. Kona Raw Pet Food Co-op in Holualoa, on the big island of Hawaii, offers a variety of beef, chicken, turkey, pork, and lamb products. Carries multiple raw foods, plus a variety of raw food pre-mixes and things like Tripett and Wysong All Meat Diets. K9Cuisine in Paris, Illinois Carries Healthy Pet Products see above frozen and freeze-dried foods. Blackwing Quality Meats in Antioch, Illinois See their Dog Formula for a less expensive alternative. Wiggles and Wagmore in Peoria, Illinois Delivers to central and southern Illinois and Iowa, will ship elsewhere.

Distributor for Blue Ridge Beef products. Distributors available in many states. It is a complete and balanced food for all life stages, including the youth of large dogs 50 lbs or more as an adult.

Will ship nationwide; also offers home delivery or you can pick up at their warehouse. Offers parts both ground and whole , as well as mixes that include meat, bone, and organs note these are not complete diets, despite their claims to the contrary. Carries green tripe as well as a number of exotic proteins, including goat, llama, duck, quail, venison, and rabbit.

My Pet Carnivore in Indianapolis, Indiana Products come from small family farms and are antibiotic- and hormone-free, most are grass-fed.


Also offers treats and supplements. Shebang's Natural Selection in Rockport, Indiana Offers ground raw meaty bones, some mixed with heart or veggies.

Ground and whole rabbit. Beef, pastured chicken, pork, and rabbit parts.


Mountain Pride Cooperative in Mt. Lake Park, Maryland Source for human grade rabbit and goat. Offers a variety of ground meat and bone products, including some with organs and vegetables.