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With the creation of the Telecommunications Act , the Telecommunications Commission was formed and was to trade under the name Telecom Australia. For the next 18 years, Telecom provided Australia with telecommunications solutions. In , Telecom was renamed Telstra Corporation Limited. Telstra provides the country with reliable and high speed internet and was one of the first internet service providers available to the general public in Australia. Ask your preferred service provider if this option is available to you.

If you do not place an NBN order your existing phone and internet services will be permanently disconnected soon after the disconnection date and it will not be possible to restore your services. Yes, in most cases you can keep your phone number although confirm this with your service provider. You may face additional fees from your internet service provider when moving to the NBN.

NBN Installation Process with Telstra

Whether you are charged fees will depend on your individual circumstances and the fee policy of your service provider. For example, you may not be charged a termination fee if your contract has already expired or if you order NBN services from the same service provider who currently provides your telecommunications service.

Some telecommunications service providers do not charge activation or set-up fees for a service on the NBN if you enter into a contract for a certain amount of time with them. Before deciding whether to stay with your current telecommunications service provider or change your provider, compare different NBN service plans to see which plan suits your needs.

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Ask service providers about any disconnection and connection fees that they charge and the circumstances in which charges may be waived. See: Questions to ask before moving to the NBN. To connect to the NBN, you may need a modem and a router.

Telstra replaces its home broadband plans with just two - Telco - CRN Australia

The modem transmits and receives data through the telephone lines, allowing you to use the Internet. The router allows you to connect multiple devices to the modem. Often, the modem and router will be combined in the same device. Otherwise, they will be connected to each other via a cable. It is essentially a small box which plugs into a phone line connection in your house or NBN Co equipment.

Your current modem and router may be compatible with the NBN. Despite the decline in home phone usage, each day three million calls are made and received by Telstra customers; 40 per cent of which are outgoing calls, says Telstra head of innovation Michele Garra. The 4G fallback features are not only designed to work during fixed-line outages, they also allow new customers to start using their NBN modem immediately while they wait for their new service to be connected.

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We describe it as 'walk out working'," Garra says. The introduction of broadband fallback has reduced customer complaints significantly, she says, with 50 per cent fewer support calls and 62 per cent fewer callouts in some instances. The new Gen 2.

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If customers discover their Telstra mobile coverage isn't strong enough to support 4G fallback, they can cancel their NBN service within 30 days without penalty as part of the Telstra's NBN Satisfaction Guarantee launched in March. While 4G voice and broadband fallback is good news for customers concerned about NBN outages, it could be bad news for competition as the mobile network owners grab an even larger share of fixed-line NBN customers, says Finder.

Telstra's latest move also puts more pressure on Optus to add mobile fallback to its broadband modems, Kidman says. While landline usage is dropping, offering voice fallback is a smart way for the largest telcos to leverage their mobile networks without taking much of a toll on network performance.