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Sort: Popular Recent. Brian Kohlmann October 13, Fantastic store with a great selection and friendly staff. This will be a place I visit next time in town. Friendly staff and good way to spend idyllic rainy afternoons perusing their eclectic affordable selection of books. Paul Baker April 12, Dave Coffman May 25, Love this place Great selection of new and used books , and a friendly knowledgable staff Eddy Gonzalez November 2, New and used books.

Downstairs has a cool cozy space while browsing. John Kopsidas December 28, Great selection of books. Nice environment. Friendly and helpful staff. Jo Chen March 25, Friendly staff. Outstanding selection. Great place. Wei Shyan January 3, Awesome staff! They know the exact location of each book. Paul Baker January 18, Used books downstairs, new books on street level. I enjoyed the Alternative Lifestyle collection. Mike I. March 8, Nice staff , they can find or look up anything.

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They actually care. And great location! Michely January 14, Knowledgeable staff. Mickey January 26, Grace Aldridge March 7, Very limited selection from what I could tell. Shannon Jeropke March 24, Hey have some really good deals on used books. Dana Parker January 10, Each College department or organization is assigned an individual mailbox.

This service is normally in operation while classes are in session. Outgoing mail—general information: 1. After hours, outgoing mail should be deposited into the gray box located to the left of the mailboxes in the Chapel basement. The top slot is for stamped mail. The middle slot and bottom slots are for regular-size envelopes and large flat envelopes, respectively.

The account number to which the postage charges are to be assessed must be included. Bar-coded account slips for postage charges can be obtained from departmental secretaries, or from Marcia Caldwell. Postage stamps may be purchased in the Business Office or in the Bookstore. Please deposit outgoing mail by PM. Outgoing first-class mail: 1. Large envelopes should be sealed before they are brought to the mailroom. Regular 10 envelopes may be sealed or unsealed. The postage meter will seal them as it applies postage.

If envelopes are unsealed, leave the flaps down, but do not tuck them inside the envelope. Separate sealed from unsealed envelopes. Separate international mail from U. Attach a bar-coded account slip for charges. International mail: 1. Mail destined for Canada or Mexico must be separated from U. For international mail that weighs 16 or more ounces, a customs form must be completed and attached to the package before it may be mailed.

Customs forms are available in the MAPS office. FedEx shipping: 1. FedEx packaging supplies are available in the mailroom. Bulk mailings: 9 Wabash College Reference Guide: 1. Contact Marcia Caldwell at least four 4 business days prior to the desired bulk mail processing date. For 10 envelopes, leave the flaps down. They do not need to be sealed. Include a slip on the front of each tray that indicates the beginning and ending Zip Codes for that particular tray. Separate any international pieces; they will need to be sent by first-class mail.

Include a separate piece of paper that includes the account number to be charged and the total number of mail pieces.

For large mailings, if there are or more pieces that have the same first three Zip Code digits, or all five Zip Code digits, indicate this on the sheet that includes the account number. A minimum of pieces are required to qualify for a bulk mailing. For bulk mail in which the paper is folded two-fold or three-fold and no envelope is used, adhesive tabs must be used to seal the open side. Do not use staples. Contact Marcia Caldwell with any questions about this procedure. Printing Services: 1. Printing requests should be placed in the tray on the table in the south end of the MAPS office.

Complete the print request form, available in the MAPS office, and attach to the copy to be printed. Indicate the specific date the material is needed—not ASAP— and the number of copies needed.



For complex jobs, submit, as well, a sample copy of the job as it will appear when finished. If the copy is to be folded book-style, be sure to leave a sufficient margin for the fold the gutter in the center. Please submit print jobs well in advance of the date needed, so we are able to complete your job satisfactorily. Please provide advance notice for upcoming requests for lab manuals, books, or large printing orders. Reproduction quality is dependent on the quality of the original material.

Be sure to submit clean, clear originals. Do not staple original copy. Do not tape anything to original copy. Red ink, blue ink, or pencil does not reproduce well.

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Use black ink for signatures. Be sure to number pages. There is no minimum number of copies required for print jobs.

If you wish to have copies made on colored paper, please furnish your own, or contact Marcia Caldwell to order colored paper. Colored paper divider sheets can be inserted between sections of books or manuals. These cards are printed four 4 to a sheet, on perforated stock.

Excel chapter 2

If you wish to have such cards printed, notify the MAPS office in advance to confirm stock on-hand. Please pick up completed work promptly—from the table at the south end of the MAPS office. You must supply a College account number for print jobs. MAPS can complete print job for non-College organizations. These jobs must be paid in cash upon completion.

This section describes a number of purchasing procedures. See also the Business Office Tasks document.